Purpose. Passion. Purity.
Transforming a teen-nation one teen at a time. 

I Am Chosen, Inc. is committed to transforming the lives of tween girls (sixth through eighth graders). We are dedicated to helping your tween girl discover who God has called her to be before she was ever born.

"Before I formed you in your mother's belly, I knew and approved you as my chosen instrument."
—Jeremiah 1:5

Upcoming Events 
Mothers of Purpose: 
Prayer Call 
Every Sunday 
Dial In: 712-775-7031
Member ID: 807-180-613

Chosen Session 
Saturday, November 19th  
11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Meritage Centre
3400 Chapel Hill Road 
6100 Highway 5
Douglasville 30135

IAC Christmas Party  
Saturday, December 17th
11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Meritage Centre
3400 Chapel Hill Road 
6100 Highway 5
Douglasville 30135
Chosen Session 
Saturday, January 28th
11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
Meritage Centre
3400 Chapel Hill Road 
6100 Highway 5
Douglasville 30135

Our Mission
The mission of I Am Chosen, Inc. is to be a bridge builder in the lives of adolescent girls in the sixth through eighth grades by igniting their passion, helping them discover their purpose and living a lifestyle of purity.

The Vision
Purpose. Passion. Purity. Winning All Day

I Am Chosen Declaration 
We are...Chosen to Impact a Teen-Nation.
We are...Called to Stand for Christ without Compromise.
We are...Determined to Save Ourselves Until Our Husbands Find US.
We are...The Question Seekers of Today. 
We are...The Problem Solvers of Tomorrow.
We are...Destined to Transform a Teen-Nation one Teen at a Time. 

We are...I AM CHOSEN! 

Through a series of classes and activities, we aim to help the tween/teen girls overcome personal obstacles and limitations by helping them to discover their God-given gifts, talents and abilities.

Chosen Programs
  • October: Mother and Daughter Prayer Breakfast  
  • November: MBS (Mind, Body, and Soul)
  • December : I Am Chosen Christmas Celebration  
  • January: Are You Goal Minded
  • February: Real Love: Building Healthy Relationships 
  • March: Total Health
  • April: Drug Awareness
  • May: Empowering Others through Leadership and Service
  • June: College and Career Readiness: I Am College Bound Campus Tour
  • July: Camp IAC/End of Summer Pajama Jam @ God's Farm) 
I Am Chosen, Inc. Membership  Benefits  
  • Bi-monthly Chosen Sessions on research based topics for girls 
  • Connect with other tween/teen girls throughout Douglas County 
  • Chosen Devotion Sessions 
  • Chosen Safe place for girls to talk about real life issues and challenges
  • Annual Purity Ceremony
  • Chosen Community Service Projects 
  • Chosen Field Trip Opportunities 
  • Day and Overnight Camping Experience at God's Farm 
  • Annual I Am College Bound College Tour Experiences 
  • Annual Back to School Jammie Jam 
  • Group Mentoring Program 

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